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As a full-service bathroom remodeling company, we take bathroom renovations to the next level.  Owner Dan Grondin will be on site for your bathroom remodeling project.  When it comes to getting a bathroom right it’s all about the details. In today’s trending market, we have the luxury of having a huge selection of colors, materials and styles to design your personal oasis. This means paying attention to ensuring you will be happy with the finished product.  Let Grondin Builders Design/Build team give you the bathroom of your dreams.


Bath remodels are among our most popular and sought-after services. This is partly because they are the rooms that will yield the most positive results in your home, providing immediate and dramatic improvements to daily routines, your satisfaction with your home, and its overall value.  

But another reason why so many homeowners seek us out to help transform their bathrooms is because word of our expertise in these areas has already reached them from our many highly satisfied customers, and convinced them to trust Grondin Builders with remodeling these all-important spaces.

When it comes to remodeling bathrooms, our comprehensive quality control process is invaluable for clearly identifying and creating specific action plans for the work to be done, which also helps us to complete the work more quickly and with a minimum of interruption to your family’s daily routine. If your household is like most, these rooms are definitely very important areas that you use extensively every day, so we understand how important it is for us to plan effectively, ensuring that your exciting new redesign can get underway and be completed as soon as possible.

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For a free quote or more information about how we can help you renovate your bathroom using the latest materials, techniques and design trends, please click here to complete our online quote request form. If you prefer to get in touch with us by phone the number is 860-454-4602. Whichever way you contact us, we will do our best to reply quickly with the information you need.

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